THE FAMILY of Randy Gonzales has been left devastated after the social media star lost his battle with cancer.

The TikToker was known for his channel @Enkyboys but the man also had a loving family who helped raise awareness for his medical condition.


Gonzales pictured with his wife Kimberly and his son Brice[/caption]

Who is Randy Gonzales’ wife?

The TikTok star was married to Kimberly Gonzales.

The couple tied the not in 2018 after a lengthy courtship.

Gonzales has credited his wife for the amazing support she provided as they sought for medical treatment.

During one of the Enkyboys’s clips, Gonzales said: “How I figured it out, I was having problems with my upper abdomen, and I was always in pain.

“Luckily my wife told me to go get a colonoscopy because I was just going get an EGD to my throat because they thought it was an ulcer or something.”

Did Randy Gonzales have any children?

Gonzales was a father-of-three to Brice, Lauren and Aubree.

All the kids have starred in the Enkyboys videos.

Brice has since gone on to feature on TV and even appeared in an episode on NBC’s Lopez vs Lopez.

What happened to Randy Gonzales?

The 36-year-old was battling with stage four colon cancer.

His doctors allegedly gave him five years to live if he underwent chemotherapy but on Wednesday the star died in hospice.

Gonzales initially told his 15million fans about his diagnosis in April and provided updates throughout his fight.

According to TMZ, Gonzales set up a GoFundMe to help pay for his treatment after the University of Texas cancer centre denied him of treatment due to his insurance policy.

Who are the Enkyboys?

The Enkyboys was a father-son duo between Gonzales and Brice, who filmed clips on TikTok to spread awareness of colon cancer.

It would often be made up of hilarious skits or music related content.

Gonzales used the social media platform to raise awareness for the disease until his death.

The duo posted their last video on December 7, 2022.

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