THE INSTAGRAM star has built a successful social media and fashion career.

Lil Tjay and Lala Baptiste have been publicly linked since they starred alongside each other in the late Pop Smoke’s 2020 music video for his song, Mood Swings.

Instagram/Lala Baptiste

Lala Baptiste in an Instagram post from January 16, 2023[/caption]

Who is Lil Tjay’s girlfriend Lala?

Lala was born Nyela Baptiste on May 16, 1999, in Atlanta, Georgia and now resides in Los Angeles, California.

The 23-year-old is a model and social media influencer with over 1million followers on her Instagram page, @lalatheislandgal.

She frequently posts photos showing off her various outfits — which are often from Lounge Underwear or Fashion Nova — and also shares hair and beauty content.

Lala is also active on YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter.

Her website provides links to her various social media pages, which echo her interest in beauty and lifestyle.

She has 380K subscribers on her YouTube channel.

The influencer has accumulated 169.2K followers on her TikTok account and a total of 2.4million likes, while her Twitter page has 16.1K followers.

Lala also has an Amazon storefront. She wrote on the storefront’s page: “Hi babes! Here’s my personal storefront, where you can now enjoy all my favorite Amazon finds right here with me! :).”

What business did Lala start?

In addition to being a model and social media star, Lala is also a businesswoman involved in the fashion and style industry.

She created the Los Angeles-based clothing brand, Nyela Collection.

According to the ‘About’ section of the company’s website, it is “a unique womenswear brand.”

Written as a message from Lala, the site continues:

“From having a large family full of strong, fashionable, and independent women with many different personal styles, I was inspired to create a brand that embraced and represented my love for fashion and feminism.”

It then states: “We are all about celebrating diversity and redefining clothing for the everyday girl that exudes confidence, and makes you feel as good as you look!

Instagram/Lala Baptiste

Lala in an Instagram post from June 13, 2022[/caption]

“Each collection represents a unique theme and caters to highlighting your figure and flaunting the skin you’re in!

“Whether you like to keep it simple and chic, or bold and fun, we’ve got the perfect piece for you… ranging from clothing, swim, lingerie, and much more to come.”

What is the drama involving Lil Tjay, Lala, and Rubi Rose?

Lil Tjay and Lala have had their fair share of relationship drama.

The rapper was reportedly linked to another rapper, Rubi Rose, before he began dating Lala.

Lala and Rubi had been best friends but had a falling out after Lala and Lil Tjay became an item.

On October 1, 2020, Rubi tweeted: “When a b**** backstab her friend, her favorite thing to say is they were never really friends lol” followed by a weary face emoji.

According to Distractify, in March 2021, social media users saw that Lala and Tjay had unfollowed each other, sparking rumors of a split.

The publication stated that Lala talked about the topic on Instagram Live and “told commenters to ‘stay in their lane.’”

It continued: “While Lala didn’t say if she and Tjay were still together, she said any problems they were going through weren’t her fault.”

While Rubi and Lil Tjay appear to now be on good terms, reported that Rubi and Lala have not spoken since the fallout.

As of January 2023, it is unclear exactly where Lala and Lil Tjay’s relationship stands.

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