JAMES Wilks is a retired English professional mixed martial artist.

Many will know him as the 2009 winner of SpikeTV’s The Ultimate Fighter: United States vs. United Kingdom.

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James Wilks is a former MMA fighter[/caption]

Who is James Wilks?

James Wilks was born on April 5 1978 in Leicestershire.

According to his biography on his UFC page, he was first introduced to karate by his dad when he was eight years old.

He attended Uppingham School, before attending Bournemouth University, where he gained a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Land Management.

After leaving university, he taught martial arts and holds a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu in tae kwon do.



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He also trained the US Marines, US Marshalls, SWAT teams and US Navy Seals in martial arts before going on to become an MMA fighter.

What TV shows and films has James been in?

James starred in and produced the Netflix documentary The Game Changers while he was recovering from injuries he sustained from fighting.

The documentary follows James as he explores veganism and its effects on health recovery.

Since it aired in 2018, James has stayed devoted to the diet and attributes it to his fast recovery.

The Game Changers is available on Netflix now.

When did James become a MMA fighter?

In 2000, James travelled to Orange County, California, to further his martial arts training.

He trained professionally in the States for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competitions, with his first professional fight in October 2003, which he won.

He then took a break for two years to focus on training and coaching students.

When he returned to fighting, he ended up winning the Gladiator Challenge welterweight title.

James made his professional debut in the UFC as an MMA fighter in 2009 and was crowned welterweight champion.

In May 2012, he announced his retirement from active MMA competitions as a result of suffering extensive injuries which included a fractured vertebra.

Doctors told him he faced a “significantly high risk of paralysis” if he continued to fight.

Is James married and does he have children?

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James is married to his wife Alice.

The happy couple have two children together. 

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