THE viral challenge on TikTok has raised a few eyebrows – and it has nothing to do with coconuts.

Users have shared the Coconut trend as a piece of advice to spice things up in the bedroom.


The coconut challenge has resurfaced after going viral in 2019.[/caption]

What is the coconut challenge?

Despite its name, the challenge has got nothing to do with the food, rather its spelling.

It originated in 2019, according to Know Your Meme, but has recirculated after Cardi B mentioned it on her TikTok in 2023.

In the video she called out Megan Thee Stallion for claiming she would perform the challenge.

The trend is essentially a sex tip for women to increase their male partner’s pleasure when they are on top.

It involves spelling the word ‘coconut’ with their hips, incorporating a lot of circular as well as back and forth motions.

When did the coconut challenge go viral?

The challenge started back in July of 2019 when it was posted from a Kenyan Facebook group called Killimani Mums Usaku Zone KMUZ.

One woman had posted in the forum asking for sex advice when she was on top of her partner.

This sparked the trend when several women in the comments advised spelling the word ‘coconut’ with her waist.

“Write the word COCONUT with your waist,” they wrote.

“Spell COCONUT using your waist, thank me later,” a second agreed.

The post quickly became a worldwide meme by mid-July the same year, when Twitter user @lexwil tweeted about the tip.

What have TikTok users said about the challenge?

In response to Cardi B’s video, some TikTok users had missed the memo in 2019, and were confused.

One wrote: “Am I the only one searching through the comments to find out what is the coconut challenge?”

To which someone replied: “Where you spell out the word ‘coconut’ with your hips while you’re on top during sex, and it’s supposed to give your partner maximum pleasure.”

Another person responded to the video: “I’ve done it and it’s definitely helpful.”

“Y’all remember this from like 2020? Swag that we’re bringing it back,” commented one user.

On Twitter, someone else said: “Lol the way I did that coconut challenge and have no regret.”

“Just found out what the coconut challenge is, people are so creative,” said another.

Back in 2019 the challenge sparked memes across social media, especially on Twitter.

Many involved jokes about not knowing how to spell coconut, women trying to learn how to spell it, or the trend working on their partners.

Others have also advised spelling out the word onomatopoeia with your waist or hips instead, for the same purpose.

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