DECIDING the path for your child’s education can be a big decision for parents.

Knowing the differences with the schooling available in the country can ensure that you are best placed to choose the right environment to allow your son or daughter to blossom.

Britain prides itself on the education system it offers the population

What is a state school in the UK?

The variations of state schools on offer in the country can be a confusing field for a parent as choosing the right option for your child’s education can be the difference in allowing them to flourish.

Some parts of the country still have a selective process at age 11, whereas others do not.

Academies are becoming more popular up and down the country and while they are publicly funded, they are independent and have more control over deciding their own curriculum.

Maintained state schools are overseen by the local authority and have to follow the national curriculum and stick to a rigid pay structure and conditions for teachers.

What is the difference between private and state schools in the UK?

Funding is the main difference between the two types of school in the country.

While state schools are government funded, private schools are financed by school fees paid by parents.

It can prove a lot more expensive to send your child to a private school but one advantage can be that these have more access to financial aid and can award scholarships.

The size of the classes can be significantly different also, with private schools focussing on a lower pupil to teacher ratio.

However, state schools can often offer far more subject choices within the curriculum.

Some feel that children can be exposed to more diverse communities within state schools, giving their children a far more rounded view of the world around them.

How many state schools are in the UK?

Currently there are 3,473 state secondary schools in England.

Wales has 1,470 state schools and Northern Ireland has 511 as per data obtained for 2022.

What is the best state school in the UK?

The statistics for school performances tend to be based on exam performances and results that give parents all the information to make the right choices for their children.

Henrietta Barnett School

Based in Hampstead in London, this grammar school for girls is consistently near the top of the league tables each year.

It was named The Sunday Times Secondary School of the year based on academic performance.

Ysgol Bro Preseli

In Wales, the Pembrokeshire school was to attain the envied title of the top state secondary school due to A-Level and GCSE results.

St Mary’s Grammar School, Magherafelt

In Northern Ireland, St Mary’s attained by far the best GCSE and A-Level pass rates, propelling it into top spot for parents looking where to send their children.







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