THE HAND heart emoticon comes with a kind message.

While it has not been around for too long, the hand heart emoji has become fairly popular.


A Twitter hand heart emoji[/caption]

What does the hand heart emoji mean?

According to Emojipedia, the hand heart emoji is “used to express love and support.” states that this emoticon is “considered an alternative version” of the red heart emoji and the palms up together emoji.

It explains that the palms are then “creating one heart as if they hint at the two halves of one whole.”

It also adds that this emoticon “means respect, support and is used to show sympathy and affection.”

Where can I use the hand heart emoji?

The hand heart emoji is available across multiple devices, including Apple and Samsung products.

It is also accessible through Microsoft, WhatsApp, and Google Noto Color Emoji.

Each platform has a slightly different, unique variation of the emoticon.

It is available in various skin tones.

The hand heart icon is also utilized through social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat.

One Twitter user showed support for singer Chloe Bailey, also known as Chlöe.

In the tweet from January 24, 2023, the user shared a video of Chlöe performing the song Have Mercy, along with the words: “I hope that album is successful & blows her up” followed by a hand heart emoji.


An Apple hand heart emoji[/caption]

In a tweet from the same date, a Justin and Hailey Bieber fan account shared a photo of the celebrity couple and wrote “THEM” along with a hand heart emoticon.

What is the origin of the hand heart emoji?

The hand heart emoji has not been around for too long.

According to Emojipedia, “Heart Hands” joined Unicode 14.0 in September 2021.

That same year, it became part of Emoji 14.0.

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