A YOUNG Jimmy Butler fan traveled 4,405 miles to watch the Miami Heat star face the Boston Celtics on Tuesday — only to learn he would sit out the game not long before tip-off.

TNT cameras caught the heartbreaking moment when the boy is told of the Heat star’s absence, causing the NBA fan to drop the poster he had prepared for the occasion.


A young NBA fan traveled 4,405 miles to watch Jimmy Butler play against the Boston Celtics on Tuesday[/caption]


TNT cameras caught the boy’s heartbreaking reaction when he learned Butler would miss the game with a back injury[/caption]

In the clip, the boy holds a banner with a message to Butler, 33.

It reads: “Dear Jimmy: We flew over 4405 miles to see you play. Can we get a photo or a big face coffee?”

He stands next to his sister Zoe, who holds the flag of Argentina, and the two chat with one of the stewards at the game.

A few seconds later, Zoe appears to be telling the boy that Butler will watch the game from the sidelines.

About an hour before the clash, Miami announced a back injury would rule out the six-time All-Star for the contest.

The news makes his brother freeze for a second as he holds his mouth open in disbelief and drops the poster.

The boy then buries his face in his hands before picking up the banner.

However, it turns out Butler connected with the young fan later on.

The Heat star invited him to the court and gave him his No. 22 jersey and a signed ball.

The family appeared to have signed the Argentinian flag for Butler and gifted it to the forward in return.

Former NBA star Jamal Crawford has documented the heartwarming encounter.

“Yesterday, this young kid was so hurt not seeing JB play… Today, his life was made!!!” he tweeted on Wednesday, alongside pictures of Butler with the boy and his family.

“[Jimmy Butler] is such a stand-up guy. This is what it’s TRULY about!”

Zoe also took to Twitter to thank Butler for his kindness.

“What a Surprise! thanks to you [Jimmy Butler],” she tweeted.

“Man, we really don’t have words to describe what it meant to us.”

Even without Butler, the Heat beat the Celtics 98-95 — dealing Boston their third straight loss.

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