A POPULAR kitchen item has Walmart shoppers hitting multiple stores in hopes to snatch one up.

For months, the Pioneer Woman Fiona Floral Extra-Wide Slot 2-Slice Toaster is the item shoppers constantly search shelves for.

The Pioneer Woman Fiona Floral toaster from Walmart

While it sells online for just under $20, customers are finding it for much cheaper in some Walmart stores.

To grab yours for around $8, you may have to do some digging.

One TikToker traveled to three different Walmart stores but eventually found the toaster priced at $8.25.

Another Walmart shopper posted a TikTok revealing that she found one on hidden clearance for $8.25 after being priced at $30.

This means that in order to score the toaster, it may take you multiple trips and your Walmart app to scan and check for price changes.


The Toaster from Pioneer Woman has been gaining traction with tons of TikTokers and shoppers due to its design, price and great features.

Manufactured by Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc., the multi-colored floral toaster comes with two extra-wide slots for thick breads like Texas toast and bagels.

It has a bagel setting, a defrost option, a cancel option and an easy-to-grip shade selector.

Plus, its high-lift toast boost feature makes it easier to grab your bread option from the toaster when finished.

One user said online, “Omg I love this toaster. It’s absolutely beautiful!”

Another said, “The Pioneer Woman toaster Works excellent we love the bagel toaster option the bagels came out perfect!”

The toaster has a 4.5-star rating and may be found at Walmart or online.


To grab the lower price, customers should download the Walmart app as finding the deals on hidden clearance is done using the scanner tool.

The Walmart app is free and provides added discounts on pricing which may not be listed on the tag or online.

Once you find any product, just take out your smartphone and scan it to see if it’s on sale as Walmart digitally updates its clearance prices.

This happens when store employees don’t update the yellow clearance stickers on products – meaning it’s wise to scan every item to see if they can be had for a better price.

Once you’re done shopping, take your items to employees who should give you the lower price at the register if it’s not automatically applied already.

Plus, the store scanner can even reveal hidden clearance if an item doesn’t scan on your app.

Shoppers can also find plenty of deals through the website as Walmart has tons of special deals online.

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