ARTIFICIAL intelligence is said to be making online cyber crimes worse.

Richard De Vere, the Head of Social Engineering at tech solutions firm Ultima, revealed to The U.S. Sun how ‘friendly AI’ may have to be used to stop malicious tech from taking advantage of people.


Friendly AI may need to step in and police the internet for cyber criminals using artificial intelligence for malicious purposes[/caption]

De Vere was speaking on the topic of AI romance scams when he revealed that one solution is friendly AI policing the internet for bad actors.

He told us: “Scamming is an arms race. As criminals ramp up their technology, legitimate operations have to ramp up theirs to protect themselves and their users.

“Dating sites will need to utilize their own AI to recognize and remove unwanted profiles as the first line of defense.

“They can train their ‘friendly’ AIs to combat scammers.”

De Vere warned that software like chatbot ChatGPT is helping scammers by doing mundane tasks for them.

This includes AI chatting to victims online and reeling people into scams before a human can step in and take their money.

The expert said: “The barrier for entry to hacking things is so low now already.

“After ChatGPT you will find the only real barrier is ethics and motivation.”

He thinks the flipside of this is that AI can be used by human online moderators to make their lives easier in the fight against scammers online.

With regards to romance scams in particular, De Vere has some advice to keep yourself safe.

He told us: “The key advice is to always be cautious – you should make sure you are verifying who the person on the other side of the screen is who they say they are.

“For individuals, the basic rule is to never send money to someone you meet from a dating website.

“If you follow this golden rule then you won’t get scammed.

“Pay attention to the style of writing that your ‘loved one’ is using. Does it change from time to time?

“Have you been lured off the dating site as it’s more convenient for your ‘partner’ to chat this way?

“All of these are red flags. As soon as you feel you are being manipulated, trust your instincts!”

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