WINTER fashion can be a bit pricy, but some savvy shoppers have found a dupe for one of the most popular cold-weather shoes.

UGGs have been a staple in fashion for years despite the hefty price tag.


This TikToker found a $17 dupe for a pair of $100 slippers[/caption]


The slippers vary in price in different locations and online[/caption]

Fans have become obsessed with the evolution of the boot, especially the new platform slipper.

However, the retail price of $100 has sent some people searching for a perfect lookalike.

Lo and behold, a near-perfect replica was found at Walmart, which seems to be the holy grail for high-end dupes.

The women’s Gomelly cozy house slippers have been taking over TikTok as the best dupe for the Uggs slippers.

TikToker Kathleen Weller, KathleenWeller, shared a video of when she snagged herself a pair for a fraction of the price.

“I found the best ugg dupe and only paid $17,” she said.

“I’m so happy because they’re super comfortable and they look great.”


Although Kathleen was able to pick up a pair of the dupes for just $17, other shoppers shelled out a bit more.

Sammi Brindley also showed off the slippers on her TikTok, SammiBrindley.

In a twist of events, she said she paid $19 for her pair.

To make things a little more confusing, the slippers are currently listed online for $29.59.

While this sounds odd, prices and availability do vary from store to store.


Shoppers regularly check Walmart for dupes of their favorite products.

Most recently, they found a dupe for the NETANY Drinking Glasses with Glass Straw, which is available for $18.99 on Amazon as a four-piece set.

TikToker TrixTang took to the platform to share the identical product she found for just $1.48 each.

She actually received the NETANY glasses for Christmas and was able to compare the two.

The four-piece set came with glass straws plus a cleaner and a brush. Aside from that, the only difference was that the Walmart glasses were bigger.

Blogger Jess, who goes by 4less.byjess on TikTok, found a dupe for a $60 thermal shirt from Free People.

The Walmart dupe is called the Time and Tru Women’s Waffle Pullover Top and is only $13.98.

The top comes in four colors: Green Chili, Cinnamon Spice, Black Soot, and Apple Juice, giving shoppers more options than the two colors available at Free People.

Expand your wardrobe with this $12 dupe that appears to be the perfect t-shirt.

Plus, see the five big changes coming to Walmart this year.

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