Verizon is providing customers with its cheapest data plan yet, offering unlimited lines for $25 a month for a period of three years. 

The plan is only available for a limited amount of time and will likely increase the company’s base of subscribers. 


Verizon is providing costumers with its cheapest data plan yet[/caption]

There’s a catch though. 

Upon closer inspection, Verizon makes it clear that the 25$ price doesn’t include taxes and fees. 

The main plan they’re promoting is called Welcome Unlimited and it makes it clear that users must be enrolled in AutoPay if they want to take full advantage of it. 

It also states that users must have four lines associated with their account. 

“Per month for 4 lines with Auto Pay,” reads the website.

“Plus taxes & fees.

“When you bring 4 phones. 

“Limited time only.”

The website is advertising other deals as well. 

While people can sign up for the Welcome Unlimited plan, they could also sign up for the One Unlimited if they have an iPhone. 

The iPhone deal also provides people with Apple One, a service that includes perks like Apple Music, TV+, Arcade, and more. 

Verizon also explains that by signing up for AutoPay and paper-free billing, you’ll be saving over $10 a month per line you have registered with Verizon. 

If you were to sign on to the Welcome Unlimited plan without paper-free billing and Auto Pay, you’d end up paying $35 per line plus taxes and fees.

In the case of only having one phone, you can pay for One Unlimited for iPhone, which costs $36.11 per month plus fees and taxes. 

If you don’t have AutoPay or paper-free billing, you’d end up paying $46.11 without accounting for extra fees.

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