Ukraine news LIVE — Evil Putin’s payback as Russia strikes leave 10 dead in Kyiv leaving freezing capital without power – GURU NEWS

VLADIMIR Putin is reportedly “fighting for his life” following Russia’s humiliating retreat from Kherson last week, one of President Zelensky’s aids has claimed.

Russian troops fled Kherson in a bid to save equipment and soldiers from Ukraine’s on-rushing counteroffensive but have ultimately continued to lose both.

“[Putin] is very afraid because there is no forgiveness in Russia for tsars who lose wars,” said Oleksiy Arestovich, an adviser to the Ukrainian President’s chief of staff.

“He is fighting for his life now. If he loses the war, at least in the minds of the Russians, it means the end. The end of him as a political figure. And possibly in the physical sense.”

This comes as Russian losses reportedly surpassed 85,000 yesterday, according to reports from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence.

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