VLADIMIR Putin is “facing ruin” if Russia’s new major military offensive fails according to a Ukrainian spy chief.

Ukraine has been warning over the winter that Vladimir Putin’s forces will be gearing up for renewed attack in 2023.

However, the deputy head of Ukraine’s military intelligence, Vadym Skibitsky, told news site Delfi: “If the major Russian offensive planned for this time fails, it will be the ruin of Russia and Putin.”

It comes as Ukraine’s Armed Forces have claimed to have “shot down three Russian Ka-52 attack helicopters” within the space of 30 minutes.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine said today: “For half an hour of anti-aircraft combat from 00:00 to 00:30 on January 24, units of the anti-aircraft missile forces of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed three Russian Ka-52 attack helicopters in the eastern direction.”

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