BRITS have been warned to brace for more flooding today – but an end to the freezing fog is in sight.

There are dozens of warnings and alerts for floods in the UK amid a chilly plunge in temperatures this week.


Groundwater flooding is expected after rain and freezing fog swept the UK this week[/caption]


Fortunately the fog is set to clear tomorrow morning[/caption]

The Environment Agency has activated 33 flood alerts, meaning that flooding is possible, and 13 flood warnings, meaning that flooding is likely.

The warnings cover areas including the Ebble Valley in Wiltshire and the Tarrant Valley in Dorset.

Most of them are related to groundwater flooding, where the ground is so waterlogged that it cannot absorb any more and so the excess water floods the surface.

It comes after heavy rain and freezing fog have blighted the country in recent weeks, giving groundwater no time to evaporate away.

Thankfully, though, the an end to the fog is in sight and conditions are set to remain mostly dry this week.

The Met Office is forecasting that the freezing fog will clear tomorrow morning, giving way to sunny spells and a “mainly fine day”.

Light rain showers are expected in the North West but most areas are set to remain clear.

Temperatures are predicted to stay lower than usual for this time of year, as Brits recover from a cold snap earlier this week that saw the mercury dip to -8C.

Going into the weekend, the Met forecast says: “Rain at times, especially in the North West. Some frost and fog in the South through the weekend.

“Very windy in the north on Sunday and into Monday. Temperatures around normal.”

High winds could be seen in northern and coastal areas in particular over the weekend, with gusts predicted to reach 51mph in Shetland on Sunday.

However, most of the country can expect calmer, brighter weather as more settled conditions follow behind the icy front that swept across Britain this week.


Forecasters predict finer conditions for much of the country this weekend[/caption]


Many parts will see sunny spells, though these could be broken by some light rain in the North West[/caption]


Temperatures are expected to remain chilly into the weekend but then begin to even out[/caption]

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