A FOOD delivery driver disrupted a college basketball matchup between the Duquesne Dukes and Loyola Ramblers on Wednesday.

The man suddenly appeared on the sidelines, trying to deliver a food order and causing confusion in the arena — but fans lauded his “elite service.”


A food delivery driver disrupted a college basketball game between the Duquesne Dukes and Loyola Ramblers on Wednesday[/caption]


Uber Eats seems to have confirmed one of the company’s drivers tried to deliver food during the clash[/caption]

Early in the second half — with Loyola Chicago leading 40-37 and a little over 16 minutes left — the officials called a time-out as a delivery driver in a yellow jacket entered the court.

The man walked along the sideline and toward one of the referees while holding what appeared to be a bag with food and a drink in his hand.

The driver walked right behind Ramblers forward Philip Alston as the ball was still in play.

The sideline referee initially waived his arm, trying to get the surprise guest off the floor before the officials eventually ruled to stop the game.

It’s unknown who ordered the food and why, and how the man got into the arena.

The delivery driver was eventually seen walking away from the court with another man.

And Uber Eats seems to have confirmed it was the company’s employee.

The food ordering and delivery platform retweeted a video of the incident, writing the driver in the clip was doing “the absolute most.”

And Twitter users joined in celebrating the unlikely hero of the game — even if he looked confused while trying to complete the order.

One wrote: “Lmfaooo they better tip him good.”

Another added: “His awareness is on 0 but his determination is 100. Whoever ordered that food should tip him extremely well.”

A third said: “That’s the number one ranked delivery guy in the world.”

And another tweeted: “This is elite service fr.”

Duquesne took a 72-58 win that day, improving to 14-7 on the season.

Loyola’s Alston led all the players in scoring, logging 25 points in addition to four rebounds.

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