IS that a potato in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

Yesterday we revealed how Terry Flanagan found a todger-shaped treat in a packet of Wotsits.

This odd Wotsit isn’t the only rude looking food out there, as you can see below

Terry, 63, from Cheshunt, Herts, said: “It’s tiny but could be very rare as it’s the perfect shape with balls and all.”

The willy Wotsit isn’t the only rude looking food out there, as our cheeky gallery reveals . . . 

Jam Press

Breast of British . . . spud is your bust bet for a hot potato[/caption]

Living on the veg . . . cheeky aubergine[/caption]

Jam Press

Rump stakes . . . someone got a bum deal with this tomato[/caption]

Bosom buds . . . tiny crop has far to grow
Willy wonky… sweet potato looks like a todger

Sweet teat . . . meringue maker looks like they boobed[/caption]

Jam Press

Getting fruity . . .  willy-shaped strawberry would keep your pecker up[/caption]

Raspberry nipple  . . . was sorbet kept in a chest freezer?[/caption]

Daft roots . . . radish looks rather rude
Butter’s in the gutter . . . saucy shape in spread
Bum deal . . . apple’s not looking peachy
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