THE VIEW star Alyssa Farah Griffin has been “carefree” and “happier” on set without her rival Sunny Hostin, as tensions between the co-stars have escalated. 

Alyssa, 33, joined The View for season 26 as the show’s conservative host and often goes head-to-head with democratic co-star Sunny, 54. 


Alyssa Farah Griffin was ‘carefree’ and ‘happier’ during Sunny Hostin’s absence[/caption]


Alyssa and Sunny often argue on air and have tension behind the scenes[/caption]

The U.S. Sun can exclusively reveal Alyssa was more relaxed on the set of the January 19 episode, as Sunny had a day off. 

An eyewitness at the taping told The U.S. Sun: “The atmosphere on set was a lot less tense with Sunny gone. Alyssa seemed a lot more carefree and happy during commercial breaks.

“She was mostly joking and talking to guest host Rachel Lindsay, but she did have moments where she was enjoying conversations with Sara [Haines] and Joy [Behar] too.

“Alyssa usually spends her breaks on her phone while her co-hosts are in conversation.”


The U.S. Sun previously reported from the October 6 taping of the talk show that Alyssa was ignored by Whoopi Goldberg, Sara, Sunny and Ana Navarro, who filled in for Joy.

An eyewitness claimed: “During commercial breaks between Hot Topics segments, Alyssa was mainly on her phone while the other women spoke to each other.

“Sunny was the only one to initiate the conversation with Alyssa, though she mainly talked to her other co-stars.”

The source added that while the women were waiting to film an interview with guest Tamron Hall, Whoopi, 66, Sara, 45, and Ana, 50, stood in a circle and talked, while Sunny was speaking with a crew member. 

Alyssa stood alone until the crowd warmer asked her to show off her “sexy” heels to the audience. 

The insider continued to claim: “Then when they finished filming with Huma Abedin, Sunny talked to the guest, while Sara, Whoopi and Ana were in their own group chatting.

“Alyssa just stood there awkwardly, as she waited for one of her co-stars to include her.”


The U.S. Sun previously reported from an eyewitness at a September taping: “When the first segment went to commercial break, Sunny faced away from Alyssa as the four women were turned towards Whoopi while talking.

“Alyssa stared at the women as they were in conversation, but she eventually went on her phone and chatted with her makeup artist.”

Alyssa did the same during the other commercial breaks, as she looked at her phone while her co-hosts talked to each other, according to the insider. 

The source added that Alyssa did speak to Sunny at times, as the two women sit next to each other on the panel. 

The eyewitness continued: “Whenever Alyssa would speak on-air, Joy would make faces and did not hide her apparent disdain for Alyssa.” 


Alyssa was relaxed during commercial breaks[/caption]


Alyssa typically is on her phone during breaks[/caption]


Sunny is democratic, as Alyssa is the show’s conservative host[/caption]

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