THE View panel was left red-faced during Wednesday’s show when a rather loud fart-sounding nose interrupted their conversation.

Whoopi Goldberg and her co-hosts were discussing the classified documents that were found in President Biden and former Vice President Pence‘s homes when Sunny Hostin turned to Alyssa Farah Griffin and asked her a question.


The View panel was left red-faced during Wednesday’s show when a rather loud fart-sounding nose interrupted their conversation[/caption]


Sister Act star Whoopi Goldberg suffered a spillage blunder when the mysterious loud noise echoed around the studio[/caption]

“Is it true that Trump had nuclear secrets?” Sunny said as Alyssa replied: “It’s been reported but we don’t know the specifics…”

However, Whoopi and fellow panelist Sara Haines clearly weren’t listening as the actor was seen pointing to something on the desk.

As Sara quickly stood up from her chair, a very loud fart noise erupted and left Alyssa laughing awkwardly as she tried to continue with the discussion.

“Whoopi!” Sara said as she wiped what appeared to be a spillage from the desk in front of her.

“Whoopi spilled water and now it’s on my pants,” the blond TV star then blurted out.

Alyssa laughed and said: “Oh. We had a little spillage on the other side of the table.”

Joy Behar was having none of it as she told Alyssa: “Alright. Forget it. Go ahead.”

Whoopi and Sara tried to clean up the water by picking up their cards and scooping it off of the table.

Alyssa tried to continue her thought, but couldn’t because she started to laugh.

She eventually continued her point and got to finish.

When Whoopi spoke up, the camera panned out again and Sara was still seen cleaning up the liquid with napkins.

Throughout the conversation, the hosts picked up their papers and dried the desk.

At the end of the segment, Whoopi chimed in again with her opinion, continuing to wipe down her cards as she spoke.


This isn’t the first time that Whoopi has been linked to a farting noise on the popular ABC talk show.

Back in 2014, the Hollywood star appeared to pass wind during a Hot Topics debate with singer Ashanti on flu jabs.

Whoopi shifted awkwardly in her seat while her co-host at the time, Rosie O’Donnell, started fanning the air before the other panelists joined in by picking up pieces of paper and frantically waving them up and down.

However, Whoopi denied farting and insisted that the incident was a joke to cover up an unexplained sound effect.

Speaking about it on The View, she said: “There was a sound effect that we had never heard before. I’m thinking, ‘Damn, that’s weird, what can I do?’ Oh, I know! I’m gonna pretend I let a little something go. As a joke.

“Now, these folks are emailing people, running up on people saying, ‘How do you feel about the fart that Whoopi did on The View?’ It’s a joke!

“I know you think that I don’t [make jokes] any more, I do, I make funnies. I don’t fart on air for real!

“So everybody relax, I didn’t fart on air, it was a joke,” she added.


Alyssa Farah Griffin was seen giggling after she heard the random noise which sounded like a heart[/caption]


Sara Haines was forced to clean up a spillage on the desk which she blamed Whoopi for[/caption]


This isn’t the first time that Whoopi Goldberg has been linked to a farting incident on the popular talk show[/caption]

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