A FREQUENT traveller has revealed the clever way to always be able to charge all of your gadgets on holiday.

Twitter user Oliver Burke revealed the trick on social media, along with other top tips while travelling.

Don’t worry about your phone battery dying abroad, with a traveller sharing a clever hotel hack

He said his hotel hack was “one travel adaptor and extension lead”.

This means you need just one travel adaptor to be able to charge all of the phones, tablets and cameras instead of needing one per item.

Another woman agreed, also saying: “Am I the only person who takes an extension lead on holidays instead of taking a dozen plug adaptors?”

People shared their shock, with one person saying: “This legit has just blown my mind! Why have I never thought of this.”

Someone else said: “This is such a good idea! Get one packed in those suitcases for next week!”

Another person said taking an extension lead is also good for some hotels where the plug socket isn’t near the bed, which is common in older hotels.

They said on Reddit: “When staying at a hotel it’s worth taking an extension cable for your mobile phone.

“Too many hotel rooms lack a power point anywhere near the bed.”

Someone agreed, sharing their own story: “This is especially problematic in the UK.

“I hated having my phone charge on the desk overnight on the other side of the room. Or sat on the bed without my phone because it needed power.

Another person added: “I’ve been to a lot of hotels the past 6 years or so and noticed that some of the older ones don’t have a lot of power outlets.

“The resort I stayed at last week in South Lake Tahoe only had available outlets at the bathroom for the hair dryer.”

Not only that but don’t worry if you forget your travel adaptor – with seasoned travellers saying you can borrow one from the hotel reception.

A hotel worker shared: “If you forget your charger (or just want an extra one), ask the front desk.

“They probably have a huge box of abandoned chargers just sitting around begging for a new home. At my hotel we get at least 1 charger per day in lost and found (and probably only 5-10 per cent are actually claimed).”

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One tourist revealed how you don’t have to leave the room key in the slot – but that any keycard will do.

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Other guests say it can help when the plugs aren’t near the bed

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