EMOJI symbols go through ebbs and flows of being in vogue but one of the most common is the 100 per cent emoticon.

The symbols are an easy tool to reflect emotions rather than typing words and in this case the 100 emoji implies authenticity.


An example of how someone would use 100 emoji in a message[/caption]

What does the 100 emoji mean?

The 100 emoji is commonly used as shorthand for 100 per cent.

The symbol is the number one-hundred, written in red and is underlined twice for emphasis.

The usage meaning is to denote general acceptance of an idea or similar sentiment.

On Snapchat, the 100 emoji appears next to a fire emoji to indicate a 100-day Snapstreak.

When should you use the 100 emoji?

While the use of 100 emoji comes down to personal preference, there are situations where it is commonly used.

If someone sends a question and a person wants to show their approval, the 100 emoji is used – a simple way of saying “Yes”.

It can also be used to show recognition of one’s authenticity.

For example, the symbol could be used after a sentence that reads: “Hey, I heard you quit your job to start your own business – congratulations.”

What other popular emojis are there?

New emojis are released on a yearly basis but there are some classics that have become a mainstay on people’s keyboards.

Loudly crying face

Crying is not always a bad thing with this face

This emoji is meant to symbolise grief or intense feelings of sadness but has become much more than that.

It can be used to express any strong emotion, mainly used for uncontrollable laughter or joy.

Face with tears of joy

Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year in 2015

When you’re laughing so hard you cry, this face is the go to and was even named the Word of the Year in 2015 by Oxford Dictionaries.

It remained in the top spot for most used emoji on all platforms from 2011 to 2021, a 10-year crown that was toppled briefly on Twitter by the loudly crying face in 2021.

The tears of joy face has returned to its longstanding top spot as of January 2022.

Rolling on the floor laughing

ROFL is text speak for rolling on the floor laughing

For when the tears with joy face just isn’t enough to express how funny something is, the rolling on the floor laughing face has extra oomph.

The tilted angle gives this smiley the impression that it is rolling on the floor and is also known as ROFL from the text speak acronym.

Red heart

There are over 25 heart emojis

This classic emoji needs no introduction, the original red heart emoji is the most popular way to express love.

While there are other hearts with different colours or extra hearts and sparkles, the traditional heart remains the most used.

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