TESLA has obtained a patent lifting the curtain on their highly-anticipated Cybertruck’s windshield design.

The filing revealed the electric manufacturer’s plans to create a windshield accommodating their pickup’s aggressive lines through localized heating bending glass.


Tesla filed their new Cybertruck patent on Thursday, January 17th[/caption]

Tesla described the bent glass in their patent: “An example method includes applying localized heat (e.g., via a laser, heating element) to a location of a substantially planar glass structure and bending the glass structure at that location (e.g., along a line of the planar glass structure) to form a feature line in the glass structure.

“The bending can be formed to have a radius of curvature of between 2 mm and 5 cm.

“Additional layers of curved or joined glass layers may further be included to form a curved multi-layer glass structure for automotive use.”

This bending method ultimately allows auto glass to be formed in shapes and configurations previously unavailable.

While the patent’s illustrations show a Cybertruck, Tesla stated that a car, semi-truck, and other vehicle types could use their glass bending method.

The electric car manufacturer also filed related patents in China, Europe, Korea, and Japan — Teslarati reports.

News of Tesla’s glass patent filed Thursday was a welcomed sight for Cybertruck fans.

The model has been subject to numerous production delays primarily tied to ongoing supply constraints.

Tesla is expected to launch Cybertruck production sometime late this year.

And recent job postings for the model’s development signal progress for those waiting on the electric vehicle.

In November, Tesla had 10 job openings for Cybertruck’s development — all of which are at the company’s Gigafactory near Austin, Texas.

The job listings consisted of several engineering positions, including dimensional, manufacturing, and equipment, along with a few manager roles.


A digital rendering of Tesla’s Cybertruck track testing[/caption]

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