A SUSPECT has been named in the case of a 74-year-old grandmother found beaten to death in her apartment.

Maria Hernandez was found face down over a pile of clothes in Manhattan, New York, with her hands and feet tied up.

74 year old Maria Hernandez was found bound and beaten to death in her New York apartment

Police have arrested a suspect with a history of violence[/caption]

She was also gagged, The New York Post reports.

Police arrested a suspect on Saturday, named Lashawn Mackey. 

Mackey is the former superintendent of the building and has previously served a 20-year sentence in prison for a first-degree assault.

Decades ago, Mackey had stabbed a victim 15 times and had left the body in the middle of the street, with “his intestines hanging out.”

Mackey reentered prison in the year 2021 for grand larceny, burglary, and petit larceny, and was released a month later. 

When speaking about the crimes against Hernandez, New York prosecutors claimed that it was a premeditated and brutal attack. 

“This is a particularly brutal homicide where the victim was found assaulted, bruised, beaten with her hands and feet bound together behind her back, lying face down under a pile of clothing in her bedroom,” said prosecutors. 

“The victim died from homicidal asphyxia with accompanying neck compression.”

Manhattan District Attorney Maxine Rosenthal said that the attack was premeditated and that Hernandez had extensive bruising all over her body. 

“This was clearly a premeditated crime where the defendant went to the basement prior to the assault to break into the super’s office and dismantle the security surveillance systems located therein,” she said. 

Hernandez was found by her sister, Maria Terrero. 

Terrero claims that she found her sister’s body in the evening, hours after the two attended a Broadway matinee and had dinner together. 

Hernandez’s daughter was concerned over the fact that she couldn’t reach her mother. 

“She was a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful lady.

“I have no idea, I think I’m living a very bad dream right now,” said Terrero to Fox News

Mackey and his attorney claim that he is innocent. 

“Look for the DNA results at the scene of the crime!” he said to reporters upon his arrest.

“Ask them for it!”

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