A TEENAGE girl was left suffering with a rare case of ‘slimmer’s palsy’ after she rapidly shed some pounds.

The unnamed 19-year-old girl from southeast Asia embarked on a weight-loss journey which involved a high protein diet and intermittent fasting for up to 16 hours per day.


The girl was left suffering with ‘slimmer’s palsy’ after she rapidly lost weight[/caption]

After shedding 20kg of fat within just four months the teen noticed something usual happening to her body during a workout – she couldn’t lift her feet off the ground or move her toes.

Writing in the The Egyptian Journal of Neurology, Malaysian medics said the girl was experiencing a neurological condition nicknamed slimmer’s palsy.

The rare condition, formally known as isolated common peroneal neuropathy, can happen after significant weight-loss.

Rapidly losing weight – in some cases – can cause damage to the peroneal nerve (found in the leg) which leads to loss of movement or sensation in the foot or leg.

The young girl regained full control over her feet following a change to her diet and physical therapy, the experts concluded.

The condition is rarely associated with weight loss, but experts predict an increase in cases over the next few years.

“Given the growing popularity of weight reducing diets in recent time, we anticipate this rare but reversible neurological disorder will increase in prevalence in near future,” they in the report.

“Clinicians must be aware of processes underlying this condition and its favourable outcome if recognised earlier,” they added.

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