FANS have complained that future episodes of Teen Mom: Family Reunion will be dull after one lead cast member was fired and another quit the series.

Briana DeJesus and her mom Roxanne were axed from the spinoff after a shocking brawl with Ashley Jones and her mom Tea.


Briana DeJesus and Ashley Jones got into a physical brawl during episode 2[/caption]


Briana was sent home and Ashley left the series after the shocking fight[/caption]

The reality star and her mom were sent packing after the physical altercation was caught on camera.

Meanwhile, Ashley and her mother decided to leave the show after the explosion of drama.


Now fans have slammed the network as they believe the rest of the season will be a snooze fest.

“Wait. All that happened in episode 2? The rest of this season is about to be boring. Ash was that Girl! #TeenMomFamilyReunion,” one complained on Twitter.

“Teen Mom needs Ashley or the s**t would be boring asf. @#TeenMomFamilyReunion,” a second agreed.

A third remarked: “Ashley and Tea leaving.. rest of the season about to be boring. #TeenMomFamilyReunion,” with a funny gif of Meryl Streep yelling “boo.”

A final commented: “Omgg yeah this season about to boring #TeenMomFamilyReunion.”


This week, fans were shocked to see Briana DeJesus and her mom Roxanne get kicked off Family Reunion.

The mother-daughter duo was confronted by production during Tuesday’s new episode and told they had to pack up and go following a fight with Ashley Jones and her mom Tea.

During the episode, Briana, 28, and her mom Roxanne sat down with Teen Mom: Family Reunion host Dr. Cheyenne Bryant, also known as Coach B, following the altercation.

The mom of two had been adamant that she did not want to leave.

She was adamant that she was merely protecting herself and her mom in the incident.


Ashley and her mom also had a sit down with Coach B, during which they expressed little remorse.

While Tea confessed that things could have been handled differently, Ashley maintained: “The alternative to my spit was my fist.

“I regret that all I did was spit on her after they came for my mama.”

She ultimately decided that she was “ready to go home,” adding: “None of this feels right to me.”

As for Briana, she and her mom got the news that they’d been dismissed while sitting in the hotel they were moved to after the fight.

A producer told the pair that it was ultimately the young mom’s decision to throw a large water bottle in Ashley’s direction that was their undoing.

The MTV staffer told Briana the incident was a “significant breach of contract.”

They added that throwing the bottle could “have caused serious, serious injury.”


Briana was emotional after getting the news, as were her costars.

She asked for “space” while she and her mom packed and called the cast to let them know she was leaving.

Jade Cline, for her part, was furious with the network, saying: “Hell no. I didn’t sign up for this s**t.”

The emotional star added: “I’m beyond the point of pissed off and livid. I came here to grow closer and also to spend time with one of my best friends and now she’s leaving.”

Cheyenne Floyd, for her part, noted: “On both sides, if it got physical then our contract clearly says you have to go home.”

Kayla Sessler, who has had her own issues with Ashley, called Briana’s actions “self-defense.”

Catelynn Lowell said of the network’s decision: “Bri’s not the one that was spitting on people.”

Briana appeared to agree, saying in a confessional: “I still don’t understand why I have to go and I don’t think it’s fair.”

She added: “Honestly I had a great time.”

The pair got in a heated argument during which Ashley spit on Briana
Briana threw a water bottle and Ashley spit back in response

Briana was fired from the spinoff and sent home with her mom Roxanne[/caption]


Ashley decided it was her time to leave the series as well[/caption]

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