CHEYENNE Floyd has made a shocking confession regarding her lavish marriage to Zach Davis.

The Teen Mom OG star and her baby daddy officially tied the knot on September 29.


Cheyenne and Zach tied the knot in September[/caption]

YouTube/The Davis Family

They revealed that they did not sign a prenup ahead of the ceremony[/caption]

Now Cheyenne, 30, has come clean about signing a prenup before her fairytale wedding.

The reality star and her hubby took to their YouTube channel on Tuesday to host a Q&A session with fans.

The TV personality answered several burning questions regarding her marriage and her plans for future kids.

When asked if she and Zach, 32, has signed a prenup ahead of their ceremony, she replied: “I didn’t.”

Cheyenne then looked at her husband and jokingly asked: “Did you?”

He replied: “No, I did not,” as the two burst out into laughter.

“No we didn’t sign a prenup,” Zach admitted, as the mother of two explained: “No we did not.

“We talked about a prenup if we wanted to do one or not, and we decided not to.”


Later during the Q&A, Cheyenne addressed rumors that she and Zach will be having another baby.

The MTV star already shares her five-year-old daughter Ryder with her ex, Cory Wharton, and her one-year-old son Ace with Zach.

The California native explained that they have no plans for another child, and if one comes along it’ll be a major “accident.”


But that hasn’t stopped fans from gathering clues about a third little one for Cheyenne.

Last week, Zach teased how he celebrated his 32nd birthday in an Instagram Story.

Cheyenne‘s husband pointed the camera at the floor, which was lined up with rows of romantic candles, and at the wall of silver balloons.

The stacked balloons also had a glowing sign that said: “Happy Birthday.”

Zach gushed over his wife as he captioned the lovey-dovey post: “Cheyenne did it again.”

He jokingly wrote: “I think she’s trying to go for number three tonight,” and added a laughing emoji.

In the next Story, Cheyenne, 30, and Zach could not keep their hands off each other as they stood in front of the balloons. 

Meanwhile, the Teen Mom OG star shared a sweet photo of her one-year-old son Ace, who she shares with Zach.

Without any assistance from his mother, Ace appeared to be a growing boy as he stood on his own two feet.

Cheyenne wrote: “Who is this grown man?”


Recently, Cheyenne opened up about expanding her family during an installment of her Think Loud Crew podcast.

While speaking to her co-hosts, Shanan Cablayan and R. KyleLynn Floyd, the reality star revealed her desire to adopt a child.

Zach and Cheyenne have already started researching the adoption process.

She said: “We’ve talked about adopting when Ace is closer to Ryder’s age now, but adopting an older child…we’ve talked about adopting someone between the age of seven to 15.” 

“And we’ve started doing our research because sometimes adoptions can take years depending on the case, or the age, or the circumstances,” the mom of two explained.

Cheyenne added: “So, we started doing research, reaching out to different agencies, just figuring out how it could work.”

She also mentioned that the two are “definitely not planning on having another biological child.”

Zach’s wife also shared that she does not want to adopt a child with a “sexual abuse or sexual background” to “protect” their two youngsters.

YouTube/The Davis Family

Zach and Cheyenne addressed having more children[/caption]

Kara Coleen

Cheyenne already has a daughter and the couple shares a son, Ace[/caption]

Zach revealed the hallways were decorated with balloons and romantic candles
Fans have gathered clues for a potential third pregnancy

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