TEEN Mom 2 alum Chelsea Houska and her husband, Cole DeBoer, have hit back at trolls over a certain decision on their new HGTV show.

Chelsea, 31, and her other-half Cole, 34, pushed back against critics who were against the contentious choice that they made during an episode of Down Home Fab.


Teen Mom Chelsea Houska and her husband, Cole DeBoer, clapped backed at critics[/caption]


Chelsea and Cole’s response was in defense of their choice on the latest episode of Down Home Fab[/caption]

Former MTV stars Chelsea and Cole took time during their confessional on the HGTV series to defend how they were renovating a home.

During the second episode of Down Home Fab, the married couple opted to paint the woodwork in the house that they were refurbishing for their clients Jenny and Neil.

In the show’s confessional, the 16 & Pregnant alum admitted that she and Cole knew that “painting the woodwork” in the house was “very controversial.”

“Ultimately, we talked to Jenny and Neil about it, and that’s what they decided they wanted,” Chelsea explained.

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The mom-of-four added, “if we were to sand and stain it [dramatic pause] it would cost a lot more [$18,000] than it’s going to be if we paint it.”

After explaining her reasoning behind her home design choice, Chelsea called out any potential critics that were prepared to slam her for it.

“…Please don’t come at us people, let people do what they want to do,” Chelsea proclaimed.

Pulling up the rear, Cole expressed while he pointed at himself and then the camera: “And it’s not our home. It’s not your home. It’s their home [Jenny and Neil’s].”

Driving the point in, Chelsea followed up with: “So shhh! [she mimicked the shhh gesture as well].”


The pair’s new home improvement show premiered last Monday with a dwindled viewership compared to similar programming.

The U.S. Sun exclusively revealed the January 16 debut episode brought in 678,000 viewers. 

The numbers are low compared to the similar HGTV show Fixer to Fabulous, which brought in 1,098,000 viewers on the January 17 episode. 

Meanwhile, House Hunters had 941,000 viewers tune in for their January 17 episode. 

The low ratings come after fans ripped Chelsea and Cole’s “ugly” designs.

Though the clients on the season premiere seemed thrilled by the remodel, viewers on social media weren’t as impressed.

“It was actually embarrassing how bad this went. Rhey have zero sense of style- the house looked awful when they were done with it,” one person raged at the time.

A second agreed: “It looks horrible! Also, Chelsea kept saying the room was too dark, then proceeded to put down dark floors, and paint the walls and ceilings dark green.”

A third wrote: “The whole design seemed to hang together except for that horrendous fireplace. Maybe it was different in person but it seemed like a gigantic white-ish blob amidst earth tones and black. Just awful. Also, would’ve 100% left the ceiling unpainted.”

Others thought the designs were “hideous,” harshly calling the entire project “a huge waste of money.”

Chelsea and her family left Teen Mom 2 back in 2020, revealing she would be taking their brand “to the next level.”


On the episode Chelsea and Cole decided to paint the woodwork[/caption]


Chelsea explained that she understood that the decision was ‘controversial’[/caption]

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Down Home Fab is Chelsea and Cole’s new reality series on HGTV[/caption]

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