TARGET shoppers have raved over a stunning jumpsuit that’s been branded a “designer dupe.”

The comfy bodywear, which costs $40, has been snapped up by dozens of TikTokers who have reviewed their purchase in fashion hauls.  


Shoppers were left stunned when they tried on a viral Target jumpsuit[/caption]


One woman was a huge fan of the intricate detail on the front[/caption]

But, it has been described as “impractical” during trips to the bathroom.

Allie Marie was among shoppers who went to their local Target outlet hunting for the jumpsuit.

After spotting several JoyLab bodysuits on the rail, she chose the light brown jumpsuit.

The bodysuit also comes in the colors black and vibrant bright pink.

But, the shopper told fans in a TikTok clip that she was left slightly surprised when it came to $40.

Allie admitted: “It was a little more than I expected but then again my Aritzia one that I would die for was like $100 so it was kind of a steal.”

Meanwhile, Bonnie Wyrick bought an extra large jumpsuit and reviewed it in a fashion haul.

She was thrilled with her purchase and wasn’t put off by the clothing even though her stomach showed a little.

Bonnie told viewers: “That’s ok. Bodies are allowed to exist.”

She loved the intricate detail on the front and described the length as “perfect.”

She added: “I don’t feel as exposed as I thought I was going to. I feel more supported.”

Bonnie revealed that she styled the item alongside sneakers and Ugg boots.

And, she also claimed that it’s “supposed to be an Aritzia dupe.”

Target shopper Ysabella admitted she was worried about “feeling exposed” but said the medium-sized version was “shockingly perfect.”

Mom-to-be Mika was surprised that the activewear fit perfectly when she tried it on.

But, one shopper said: “It’s so cute but so impractical cus u can’t go to the bathroom (sic).”

TikTokers have revealed that they’ve struggled to find the bodysuit as different sizes have sold out online.

Meanwhile, The U.S. Sun has reported on the craze surrounding a pair of sweatpants that cost just $25.

Shoppers have claimed that the loungewear looks professional enough to work in the office.

The trousers, part of the “A New Day” label, come in different colors and styles including gray, navy, and checked.

Target revealed that the pants are made from a stretchy fabric and have an elasticated waist.

But, taller shoppers have said they’ve struggled to find a pair that suits them.

One person said: “I wish they had an option for tall people.”

A second woman commented: “As a tall person, I wish they sold different lengths. I have a few of them and they are only good for summer. Too short otherwise.”

Some shoppers have claimed that the pants they had bought had started to pill after a few washes.

Pilling is where bits of fabric become raised on trousers.

Customers at rival outlets have also shared their bargain buys.

Walmart t-shirt that cost just $12 has flown off the shelves after interest in the item exploded after it went viral

And, Aldi shoppers have shared their love for a dress that cost $13.


Some shoppers have said they’ve faced problems when trying to buy the item[/caption]

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