HOW did a vicious, rage-filled Afghan ­double-murderer and drug-dealer get set up with a new life in Britain?

Lawangeen Abdulrahimzai mowed down two men with a Kalashnikov in Serbia, fled and was jailed in his absence.


Afghan ­double-murderer and drug-dealer Lawangeen Abdulrahimzai was set up with a new life in Britain[/caption]


Abdulrahimzai stabbed Tom Roberts in the heart in a row over e-scooters[/caption]

He was denied asylum by Norway but arrived here on a ferry, claimed he was just 14 and was placed in a foster home and school.

He was already an adult.

Then, during yet another street fight, he murdered a popular DJ with a knife.

Last week The Sun exposed the scandalous number of serious foreign criminals now wandering our streets after arriving here illegally to claim asylum.

Britain is a soft touch, paralysed by the Human Rights Act and seemingly able to do only cursory criminal checks.

Our borders and Home Office are staffed by liberals prone to giving all-comers the benefit of the doubt.

Sometimes they’re proved right.

When they’re wrong it can mean horrific consequences for innocent people.


LABOUR screeched for Rishi Sunak to hire an independent ethics adviser. And he did.

Except now they want him sidelined over Nadhim Zahawi’s tax problems.

The PM is “passing the buck” seeking his views. Zahawi, they insist, must be fired without delay or a proper hearing.

True, this case doesn’t look good for the Tory chairman.

But details should be examined by someone neither partisan nor hysterical. Mr Sunak can only pray it’s over quickly.

He needs no distraction from fixing what REALLY matters to voters — the economy, strikes and the small boats crisis.


THE smug BBC still seems unable to identify its own shortcomings.

Yesterday Radio 4 tried to pinpoint the factors which strangled local papers — once the lifeblood of communities and vital for holding authorities to account.

Facebook and Google were blamed.

So were the papers themselves.

Not a peep about the BBC itself helping to muscle them out of existence using its unearned billions — forcibly extracted from licence-payers — to hoover up local news on its website.

The Beeb should close it down, spend the savings on better shows and give local papers a new lease of life.


LABOUR’S vilification of its own MP Rosie Duffield for standing up for women’s rights is lunacy.

She has been insulted and briefed against by her colleagues for highlighting the risk to female-only spaces of allowing men to self-identify as women.

We know where voters stand. With her.

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