AS INFLATION continues to rise, some consumers have expressed their frustration over the pressure to tip at coffee shops and fast-food restaurants.

At Hot Pie Pizza in downtown West Palm Beach, Florida, owner John Ries said that inflation has not only affected the cost of his inventory but also the amount of tips his employees are receiving.


Some customers are frustrated with having to pay more in tips when they buy food, something that may be caused by inflation[/caption]

“We’re finding that people are being more frugal and a little bit more concerned about their dollars being spent,” Ries said to local NBC affiliate WPTV.

With the increasing adoption of digital payment methods, customers are frequently prompted to leave a tip, sometimes as high as 30%.

Oftentimes, this occurs at places where they normally wouldn’t tip so much, according to Associated Press.

“I just think for a takeout item, you should not be paying anywhere near, or tipping anywhere near, 20%,” a West Palm Beach resident said

However, some customers disagree.

“I honestly think we need to make it a lifestyle to tip our employees at the restaurants and even, like, Door Dash, anything that’s service industry,” another consumer said.

For those with a limited budget, leaving a tip every time they order a coffee or snack can be difficult.

Etiquette expert Thomas Farley believes that the etiquette of tipping is simple.

“When it comes to doing walk-in and walk-out food service, so somebody is handing you a can of soda from across the counter, someone is handing you a cookie that you ordered at a bakery,” Farley said.

“There is absolutely, positively no requirement — no etiquette requirement — that you provide a gratuity,” he added.

“The idea of gratuity as it really evolved in the United States is for people who are making sub-minimum wage,” he said.

Ries agrees with Farley, stating: “TIPS is actually an acronym and what it means is ‘to insure prompt service.’”

“That’s where the word tips comes from, and a tip is not something that should be on the automatic level. A tip is earned.”

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