FANS of the movie Terminator 2 may be terrified to learn that scientists have invented a “humanoid” that can melt and reform.

The bizarre mini-robot figure has been described as a breakthrough as it can shapeshift and melt to escape barriers.

Wang and Pan et al.

The mini robot figure melted through these bars[/caption]

Wang and Pan et al.

It’s controlled by a magnet and can turn to liquid[/caption]

Wang and Pan et al.

The robot then reforms to its original shape in its new space[/caption]

A video demonstrating the mini humanoid’s mind-blowing abilities has been released by researchers.

The research team posted their findings in a paper called ‘Magnetoactive Liquid-Solid Phase Transitional Matter’, in the journal Matter.

Chengfeng Pan, an engineer at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, said: “We’re pushing this material system in more practical ways to solve some very specific medical and engineering problems.”

Their study teammate Carmel Majidi, from Carnegie Mellon University, added: “Future work should further explore how these robots could be used within a biomedical context.

“What we’re showing are just one-off demonstrations, proofs of concept, but much more study will be required to delve into how this could actually be used for drug delivery or for removing foreign objects.”

The research team tested how their creation could squeeze into a stomach and remove unwanted items.

They also showed how it can easily repair circuits.

The small robot can melt through jail bars, split in half, and climb a wall among many other bizarre tricks.

They are controlled by magnets and can also conduct electricity.

This makes them useful for multiple purposes and not the terrifying fictional Terminators that they share characteristics with.

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