MEGHAN Markle & Prince Harry were told to “grow up” by the US public as their popularity drops for “airing dirty laundry in public”.

Their plummeting popularity coincides with the publication of Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare, and a string of high-profile interviews as well as a divisive Netflix documentary.

Last week an exclusive poll for Newsweek magazine showed the Duke had dropped 45 points in US public opinion, while Meghan Markle dropped 36 points — all in just one month.

And The Sun spoke to people across America with Marlon Bradford, 49, blasting: “Harry should have recognised he’s not like the rest of us and not exposed all that dirty linen. It’s an ugliness we don’t really want to see, even though all families have that side to them. It’s made so many people uncomfortable.”

Meanwhile Daisy Graham, 21, fumed: “They have all this privilege, but still whinge about it. It makes me think, ‘Come on, grow up’. It’s like they’re telling us they have all this nice stuff but she’s moaning about wearing a certain colour to an event. I mean, really?”

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