ANDROID users have discovered how to never miss another flight.

The internet has called out this minimal-effort way to honor dining and other travel reservations.


People are just now realizing how one Android feature helps you make all your flights on vacation[/caption]


This one setting can make your phone’s assistant nudge you out the door when the ideal departure time for your commute comes up[/caption]

Android OS is becoming more and more integrated with other Google features, and device holders can “get real-time flight status updates and reminders about restaurant reservations,” according to

If you are logged into the Gmail and Open Table apps, “Google automatically pulls info”from both, delivering live updates for reservations and other travel-centered appointments.

Though the feature is automatic, Android users have to set it up.

First, go into Google Settings.

There will be a category labeled Search & Now, and that’s the menu you’ll want to enter.

Form there, select Now cards.

Once the Show cards function is turned on, the prompts will direct you.

Following this sequence not only enables your phone to track important travel times, but also your day to day details.

Turning on Now cards gives you information on “commute, news, travel info, and more.”

You’ll even get a notification on when to leave for work or wherever you’re set to head.

The current traffic from Google Maps weighs out your ideal departure time.

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