PARENTS have been left mind-blown after discovering the clever design feature on babygros that they didn’t even know was there.

Nikki Jurcutz, who works as the CEO of the parenting organisation Tiny Hearts Education, took to TikTok and posted a video showing a doll dressed in a babygro.

Tiktok -@tinyheartseducation

Nikki Jurcutz posted a video explaining why babygros feature shoulder folds[/caption]

Tiktok -@tinyheartseducation

She explained that the design feature is to help with poo explosions[/caption]

She then pointed at the design of the item of clothing and asked: “WTF are these shoulder folds for?”

And for anyone left wondering, she then went on to share the correct answer…poo explosions.

In the clip, she begins by demonstrating how you shouldn’t take off a baby’s onesie.

Pulling out the baby’s arms and then lifting it over its face, she quips: “Poop passes the baby’s face. No thanks!”

Instead, she shows exactly what you should do.

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“Use the shoulder folds to undress the baby from top to bottom,” she urges.

“Voila! No poop on baby’s head!”

She captioned the post: “Use this hack with the next poo explosion.”

The post has since gone viral and racked up over 295,000 views – with parents up and down the country praising Nikki for sharing the handy piece of information.

“Omg this should be printed on the label I wish I had know haha you’re the best thank-you!” wrote one.

A second commented: “How do I have a 16-month-old and this is brand new information – this makes so much sense!”

A third penned: “First time mum, I’ve been there, then I learned my lesson.”

Meanwhile, a fourth noted: “Omg! Thank you!!”

Another noted: “I was today years old.”

A further added: “Why wasn’t I taught this when my son was a new born. “

And one more quipped: “About a week too late!”

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