STREAMING services are the most popular way of watching TV, even if the costs can quickly pile up.

The most popular streaming services are producing great content, making it difficult to skip out on them. 


Streaming services costs can quickly pile up[/caption]

Still, these costs can quickly add up, especially if you account for how much money they cost on a yearly basis.  

A basic subscription to three of the most popular streaming apps in the country – Netflix, HBO Max, and Disney+ – results in a cost of approximately $336 a year. 

Here are some hacks that can help you curb these costs: 

Take advantage of free trials

Before you sign up for a new streaming service, remember that they offer free trials. 

If there’s a service you haven’t tried out yet and a show or movie that you want to watch has recently been released, take advantage of the week or days that they offer for free. 

Use calendar reminders

Calendar reminders are super helpful in these instances. 

These notifications can remind you when you’re free trial is over, canceling the service before the money is paid up. 

Keep an eye out for offers

Different credit card companies and services provide you with free memberships or extended trials of subscription services. 

For example, American Express offers a Disney bundle with some of its credit cards. 

Keep an eye out for these offers and use them whenever possible. 

Schedule your binges 

One of the perks of streaming apps is that they can be canceled within minutes.

There’s no need to call or interact with anyone. 

Take advantage of this by canceling your subscription whenever you’re not using it. 

You can always come back to it if you want to watch a show. 

Rotate streaming services

By rotating your services, you’ll have time to watch the shows and movies you want to watch without having to pay for all of them. 

Activate a membership, watch what you want to watch, cancel, and move on to the next thing. 

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