A transgender model who sold her toenails for £10,000 and celebrated by buying a pizza has revealed her family thought she was prostituting herself after joining OnlyFans.

Alexis Healy has been on the racy platform for just 18 months – but has already earned life-changing money.

The 28-year-old, from Manchester, was a waitress when she began stripping off online before quitting after making her monthly salary in just three days.

But her family was initially unimpressed with her dramatic career change.

Speaking to Daily Star, she said: “My family weren’t very happy when they found out, I think their first thought was that I was a prostitute or a porn star.

“The reality is though that I’m glued to my laptop in my bedroom for 10 hours a day, most of my job is to sell my personality and everything else happens organically.”

Alexis added: “I don’t think it’s very common that you get creators on OnlyFans that are completely solo but I enjoy that and think it helps me stand out from the crowd too.

“My family are now totally fine with what I do. I’m very open about it and I think when they saw that I’m able to earn as much as I do it validated all the hard work I put into it.”

She has earned well over £200,000 on the saucy subscription site – and is now planning to open her own merchandise store.

And she said her life would have been unrecognisable had she taken her family’s advice and abandoned her OnlyFans exploits.

“I would still be in a waitressing job or working in a job I hate,” she added.

“I would barely have enough to afford to pay my bills. It was an accident how I became popular online but I grabbed the opportunity with both hands and I don’t regret a second of it.”

Last week she told Daily Star how one fan paid her a whopping £10,000 for her toenail clippings.

Recalling the bonkers incident, she said: “When the person first messaged me asking about buying them I didn’t think he was being serious.

“I thought he was just saying that he’ll be willing to pay ‘a very lucrative amount’ for my toenails to try and get some free photos of my toes or something like that.

“I sent him a few images from different angles and then he just sent me £10,000 and I couldn’t believe it, I have never been sent that much at once. I had to keep refreshing the page to make sure that the number was right.

“When I saw how much he sent, I asked if it wasn’t a mistake because of how much it was. He was very quick to say that it was worth it and gave me his address to send it to.”

Despite acknowledging that it was the easiest money she has ever made in her life, Alexis said earning significant money consistently on OnlyFans is challenging.

She explained: “You have to work so hard when you’re just a face on the internet.

“Everything moves so quickly and what’s popular right now probably won’t be in two weeks’ time.

“You have to fight to be relevant because millions of people upload a photo or video every single day to a social media channel thinking they are going to be the next big thing.

“Standing out amongst all of that is basically what my job is. The day I become complacent will be the day I fall off.”

And while coming out to her family as an OnlyFans creator was difficult, so too was telling her loved ones aged 21 that she was transgender.

She remembered: “I didn’t start growing as a person until I accepted myself, I think it was hard on my family to accept.

“We haven’t spoken much about it in all honesty but they have been able to change the way they think about other people a little bit.

“I think that’s why exposure is so crucial to fighting hateful mindsets.”

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