A PRIMARY school punished its four-year-old pupils for talking in class by making them stand outside in the cold with no jumpers on, parents have fumed.

The youngsters allegedly returned home in tears last week after being forced to line up in freezing temperatures.

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Pupils at Francis Askew Primary School in Hull, East Yorkshire, were made to stand outside in the cold[/caption]

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It was reportedly a punishment for talking in class[/caption]

Their families described the discipline of their kids, who are in reception at Francis Askew Primary School in Hull, East Yorkshire, as “disgusting”.

Teachers have since apologised.

Relatives say the incident began as a class queued up inside the school ready to learn phonics on January 17 when a small number of children were chatting.

The teacher supervising the lesson told them to be quiet and, when they carried on, ordered them to go outside the building, it is claimed.

The students, aged three and four, allegedly had no jumpers or coats on and the temperature outside was below freezing.

Data from World Weather Online shows there were “light snow showers” that day, with lows of -2C and highs of 2C.

One woman, whose four-year-old niece and nephew were among those affected, said: “That day it was absolutely freezing, we had just had snow and it felt like -7C.

“They were dressed for inside so had no coats on, no jumpers or cardigans on, and were just wearing t-shirts.

“They were made to line-up outside in the cold, which brought some of them to tears because of how freezing it was.

“I think they realised it was a mistake but didn’t want to be a pushover, so left them there for over a minute before bringing them back in.

“We were informed at home time and CCTV showed what had happened.”

Mums and dads were shocked at the choice of punishment and say their kids were even kept inside at playtime because of how cold it was.

The family member continued: “I just feel disgusted by it and so do the other parents.

“Everyone is reluctant to send their kids back and we would like my nephew to move to another class.

“When parents are at work, they shouldn’t have to worry about their children.

“They should be safe with teachers. I don’t want the school to just brush this behaviour under the rug.”

A spokesperson for The Constellation Trust, which Francis Askew Primary School is part of, said: “The school took the concerns of parents very seriously.

“Children in EYFS are encouraged to use the outside space throughout the year.

“A small number of children were asked to line up outside for a brief period.

“The school have apologised to the parents of the children involved.”

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