DOLLAR Tree is a great place to get some cheap essentials, but not everything is worth the $1.25.

While the price tag at the dollar store can be tempting, you may actually not be getting a great deal, or you could even purchase something that’s too unsafe to use.


While the price tag at Dollar Tree is always tempting, not everything is worth the $1.25[/caption]

One noteworthy product that shoppers may want to take a second glance at is name-brand perishables.

Dollar Tree sells tons of items like cereals and canned vegetables in pretty small portions, but for just over a buck it can be tempting to throw in the cart.

However, one YouTuber named Bargain Bethany said you shouldn’t be fooled by the trick, and advised shoppers to compare the price per ounce to other stores.

“With the 25-cent increase, you’re paying even more per ounce,” she said.

“For the same three-ounce bag that I’m going to pay $1.25 for, I can go to Walgreens and get 11 ounces for $1.99; or I can go to Target and get a family-size that has 15 ounces and pay $3.59.”

Other foodstuffs that shoppers are urged to avoid are frozen fish and meat.

“I don’t eat any of the frozen fish or rib eyes because I don’t trust frozen seafood or meat that costs a dollar,” one worker told Mental Floss.

The store sells pretty low-quality beef known as “utility” cuts, according to co-owner of Avril-Bleh Meat Market in Cincinnati, so the consumer should likely pay up and shop elsewhere, WCPO reports.

Other items should be avoided from Dollar Tree as they could actually be a safety hazard.

The Washington Post reported that you should actually avoid “anything with a plug” as the cheaply made power strips and chargers could damage more expensive devices.

Additionally, Dollar Tree recalled over a million hot glue guns in April 2022 after it was found they posed a fire risk when plugged in.

So, better to keep your house and shop for electronics elsewhere.

Laundry detergent is another product that isn’t such a great deal when you do the math.

Bargain Bethany once again found that Tide detergent is being sold for about 17 cents per fluid ounce.

“The same type [of detergent] at Walmart is 11 cents per fluid ounce, or $3.29 for 31 fluid ounces,” she said.

“So yes, I’m going to pay more initially, but in the long run, I am saving money.”

When prioritizing your health, it may be important to stock up on vitamins and other supplements.

However, you may want to skip out on the heavily reduced products and hit up the health food store.

Apparently, vitamins are not as heavily regulated as over-the-counter medications, so some labels can be misleading, Consumer Reports found.

Beauty products are another health item that could be worth investing in as they “may contain harsher ingredients or be watered down to keep costs low,” the Post reported.

Another product that faced a serious recall at Dollar Tree is hand sanitizer.

Two brands, 4e Brands North America and ALBEK de Mexico S.A. de C.V., were taken off the shelves due to the detection of methanol, a chemical that can cause serious side effects like vomiting or blindness, BestLife said.

Bargain Bethany also found that more expensive school supplies are worth the money compared to Dollar Tree brands.

“It doesn’t make sense to go to Dollar Tree for things like crayons and markers, especially if you’re going to be buying the Jot brand, which is the Dollar Tree brand,” she said.

“Those tend to have very poor quality in that they dry out really fast. I’d rather go to Target or Walmart or somewhere else and get Crayola.”

And finally, kitchen items like knives are definitely not the best choice as they can also be quite dangerous.

According to smart shopping expert Andrew Woroch: “dull knives are actually dangerous because they can stip when you’re trying to cut food and hurt you.”

And thinly made oven mitts probably aren’t the best choice to keep in the kitchen.

The U.S. Sun has also put together the 10 products that consumer experts say are the best deals.

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