A CURRY house has hit back at claims a man who has been dead nine years appeared in its latest promo video.

Lucy Watson last week insisted her husband Harry Doherty, who died in 2014, featured in the short clip to advertise Spice Cottage in Westbourne, West Sussex.


Lucy Watson claims she spotted her late husband, who has been dead for nine years, in a promo video for a curry house[/caption]

Spice Cottage/Facebook

Spice Cottage in Westbourne, West Sussex, posted the clip on January 16 and said the footage was recorded on January 9[/caption]

She was so convinced it was him she asked the Indian restaurant when the footage was taken and was told it was it was recorded the week before.

And last night, manager Bodrul Islam again “clarified some misunderstandings” to disprove her claims.

He wrote on Facebook: “I run the social media side of the business and recorded a promotional video to portray our new wooden tables and interior refurbishment.

“The refurbishment was completed in early January 2023 and the promotional video highlights these changes.

“All videos used in the video were recorded week commencing January 9, 2023.

“Before January 2023, all of our tables were covered by white and red cloths, henceforth it is evident this footage is recent.

“This is a very unusual situation and we hope this clarifies any confusion.”

The video shows the interior of the eatery and groups of diners tucking into their meals.

Lucy, 59, reckons Harry is enjoying his favourite chicken korma with his son Alex.

She told MailOnline: “The moment I saw the thing I thought, ‘Oh my God – that’s Harry.’

“It was so instant. I didn’t even have to think.

“There was no doubt in my mind it was my husband.”

Lucy said she played the clip some 30 times and was certain it was him as he was a “distinctive man” with white hair, glasses and a familiar-looking blue sweatshirt.

She thought it must have been an old video so asked when it was filmed before the internet went “crazy”.

She added: “It annoyed me when they sent a message back saying it was filmed last week. It can’t have been.”

There was no doubt in my mind it was my husband.

Lucy Watson

Dad-of-three Harry died in April 2014 after being seriously ill in hospital while waiting for a planned liver transplant.

The now-infamous Facebook post has attracted hundreds of comments from people with wild, some tongue-in-cheek, conspiracy theories.

One person said: “He wasn’t dead. He was just in a korma.”

Another wrote: “Curry so good this lady’s late husband came back to life for it.”

While a third said: “We need an update. Was his body ever found, or just a canoe?”

She was referencing John Darwin who faked his own death for a life insurance scam in an apparent canoeing accident in 2002.

Lucy, who lost touch with Harry’s son, 39, following his dad’s death, suspects Spice Cottage posted the clip to generate customers as it’s “really up against it” with several nearby rivals.

“It’s the only explanation I can think of,” she added.

Kiera Doherty, who claims Harry was her dad and Alex her brother, said: ” This is 100 per cent on him.”

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