MUSICIAN Micky James has revealed the best piece of advice he follows, as well as the moment he became “curious about performing.”

In an exclusive interview with The U.S. Sun, James shared more about his upbringing and musical inspirations ahead of his January 27 show at New York City’s Mercury Lounge.

Musician Micky James has an upcoming concert in New York City
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James began playing guitar at just eight years old
YouTube/ Micky James
James also revealed his future music plans
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The musician, who currently lives in Brooklyn, New York, is a New Jersey native.

“It was a real kind of like small town, rural, high academic” experience, James said.

“I don’t think I really fit in,” he said of his school experience.

“I kind of just got by. I just wanted to get through high school.”

Playing in bands kept him busy, he added.

James began playing guitar at age eight and joined different bands by the time he was 11. He also plays bass and drums.

It wasn’t until he was 17 or 18, he says, that he learned how to sing.

That’s how he entered into the world of songwriting and became a band frontman.


“I come from a pretty musical family,” James shared.

His older brother is a singer who did a lot of theater, while his dad is a guitar player.

“My dad obviously got me into guitar and showed me The Beatles and great songwriters,” James said.

“When my dad introduced me to The Beatles and showed me them on Ed Sullivan, I was really captivated by that – and curious … about performing.”

He has cousins and uncles who are drummers and musicians as well.


James draws inspiration from many different areas.

“Usually when I write it’s somewhat autobiographical,” he said.

“There’s kind of always a piece of me in the music, but I always try to make the concepts universal so it applies to everyone.

“I usually draw from personal life.

“Sonically, I draw from a lot of artists from the past and try to give it some sort of contemporary twist.”

James cited the late David Bowie as one of his biggest inspirations, saying that he was such an “eclectic, diverse artist” who was always evolving.

“To me, that’s really influential.”

In addition to Bowie, James noted that Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson, and Freddie Mercury are among his musical heroes.


James said that advice he gave himself and would give to others is simple.

“Always be yourself,” he said.

James later added: “Don’t change for anyone. Follow your own path in life.”

While James is generally proud of his work, there are certain moments that stand out.

“I feel like every time I put out music and it connects with people on a deep level … those are my proudest moments,” James said.

James previously played a sold-out concert at the Gramercy Theater in New York City and said it was his favorite show to date.

“It was just an exciting show. We played really well.”


In addition to his performance at the Mercury Lounge, James has plans to release more music in 2023.

First, he has a song release coinciding with the January 27 concert, entitled “New York Minute.”

“It’s a song that I’ve worked on for a long time,” he said.

“The song is about letting go of the past; learning from those experiences to create new beginnings in life.”

He plans to put out an EP “by the summertime,” he also shared.

As far as his goals are concerned, James shared that he’d love to put out a full-length album and play different music festivals in the US and Europe.

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