ROY KEANE revealed Brian Clough once punched him after a game for making a big mistake.

The midfielder played under the legendary manager at Nottingham Forest between 1990-93.


Roy Keane revealed he was punched by Brian Clough after a match[/caption]

Keane still picks Clough as the best manager he ever played for

Keane often describes Clough as the best manager he ever had – better than Sir Alex Ferguson.

And even though he was once on the receiving end of a punch from Clough, he was forgiving of the old Forest boss, stating it was probably deserved.

Keane, 51, recalled the incident on Sky Sports, saying: “He punched me after a game one time, but it was probably the right thing to do.

“The odd punch didn’t do any harm. I gave a short backpass against Crystal Palace which led to an equaliser – which wasn’t my fault – and after the match, he punched me!”

Former Forest goalkeeper Mark Crossley has also spoken about the incident and agrees with Keane that the goal was not the Irishman’s fault, but his.

He said: “Cloughy was waiting in the dressing room for Keano, because Roy used to sprint off the pitch and he was always the first one in after a game.

“But the gaffer was hiding behind the door – out his steps and he punches Roy in the stomach and says: ‘Don’t ever pass the ball back to my goalkeeper, young man’.

“It was actually my fault, but he punched Keano and I think that was just his way of letting him know, I’m the gaffer and you do as I say’.”


Despite that, Manchester United legend Keane still picks Clough as his favourite manager due to the “genuine warmth” he had.

He also claims that Clough signing him for Forest was the key moment in his career as it kickstarted everything.

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