HE may be approaching 40, but in his 23rd NBA season, LeBron James is still fighting for every single point.

For the fourth time this season, eighteen-time NBA All-Star James had a 40+ point game as he continues to defy father time.


James is a four-time NBA MVP[/caption]


He flew into the crowd as he attempted to bat the ball back into play[/caption]

And while James’ Los Angeles Lakers may not have come out on top in the end, losing 133-115 to the Los Angeles Clippers, one play in particular highlighted part of what makes LeBron one of the greats.

Down 88-74 with just over five minutes to go in the third quarter, James batted the ball out of the hands of five-time All-Star Kawhi Leonard by their own baseline.

James quickly darted after the ball as it head for the sideline, diving in an attempt to bat it back into play.

He then went head first into the front row of fans, flipping over them in the process before landing on his back on the floor behind them.

Teammates Russell Westbrook and Dennis Schröder jumped over to help James back up before he made his way straight back onto the court.

James went on to finish the game with a team-high 46 points, eight rebounds, and seven assists.

His stunning performance included a career-best nine three-pointers made.

This leaves his current points per game average at 30.2 – the third highest of his career if the season were to end immediately.

And it wasn’t just fans who admired James’ shockingly good performance, with Clippers star Paul George saying “It was scary,” going on to say “I’ve seen that look in Bron,” per ESPN.

George also said: “I think the one thing that sticks out is just how long he’s been doing it.

“To be 38 [and score] 46 tonight. That is super impressive.

“To do it [for] 20 years, that’s what stands out the most is just his longevity in his game and to be available. He’s pretty much been available throughout his whole career.

“The league is his. Stand-up guy, been [an] amazing mentor, leader to a lot of us young guys, and he’s been awesome. It’s great that he’ll be the scoring leader.”

James is now just 178 points away from taking Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s crown as the league’s all-time scoring leader.

At his current rate, James could set a new record in early February – an event, commissioner Adam Silver said would result in the game temporarily stopping in order to “record for history, the ball, the basket.”

“We would stop it and make sure that we’ve done our job as archivists in the NBA.

Next up for James and the 22-26 Lakers are the 14-33 San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday, January 25.

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James is sixth in the league in points per game this season[/caption]


Abdul-Jabbar retired in 1989[/caption]

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