KIM Kardashian’s daughter North has “forced” her mom to dance with her at home after “refusing” to go to school.

The reality star, 42, and preteen, nine, showed off their best moves to Ciara’s song Get Up in a new TikTok.


Kim Kardashian’s daughter North ‘forced’ her mom to dance with her at home[/caption]

The reality star, 42, and preteen, nine, showed off their best moves to Ciara’s song Get Up on TikTok

Kim wore a black sports bra and leggings, while North went for an oversized T-shirt and shorts.

The mother and daughter started the clip by holding hands, before launching into some impressive footwork.

North ended the clip – which was shot in the hallway of Kim’s $60million Hidden Hills mansion – by jumping off to the side.

Kim shared the video on Tuesday evening and wrote: “The things North makes me do.”

The clip comes after North admitted at the weekend that she didn’t want to go to school the next day.

She looked sullen and rolled her eyes in the video with her famous mom, which was captioned: “I have school tomorrow.”

The brief video was set to a recording of British singer Jessie J repeatedly singing: “No.”

Last week, North wreaked havoc in Kim’s spotless kitchen while making milkshakes with younger siblings Chicago and Psalm.

The preteen helped her siblings pour ice cream, milk, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream into the glasses.

Things took a turn when North squirted the whipped cream in Chicago’s mouth.

They cackled as the cream exploded into the air, going all over the laughing tot’s face and top.


Kim showed off her own playful side on TikTok earlier this month by transforming into a “chav” – which is the British equivalent of American trailer trash.

The SKIMS founder – who shares four children with Kanye West – slapped on heavy concealer, huge drawn-on eyebrows, and badly applied fake eyelashes in the “iconic” video.

Kim chewed gum and scowled at the camera in the clip, which was set to British grime artist Millie B’s song M to the B.


Viewers went wild for the TikTok on Reddit, with one writing: “I never thought id see chav kim,” with a laughing face emoji.

Another posted, “I kinda dig British Kim,” and a third added: “Lmfao I never thought I’d see Chav Kim but here we are.”

“This is hella funny and iconic for her to be doing a stupid tiktok trend,” yet another user commented.

Kim later admitted she only did the TikTok because she lost a bet with North.

One fan tweeted: “This is the last thing I thought Kim Kardashian would do on TikTok.”

Kim responded to the commenter: “Me too! The bribes and bet-losing I have going on with North is unreal!”


At the weekend, North admitted on TikTok that she didn’t want to go to school the next day[/caption]


The clip was set to a singer repeatedly saying ‘no’[/caption]


The nine-year-old goes to a prestigious school in LA[/caption]

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