KARDASHIAN fans have slammed Kim’s new Valentine’s Day SKIMS collection as ‘cheap’ and ‘tacky’.

Kim, 42, is constantly releasing new products from her successful shapewear and clothing brand and often sends samples to her sisters.


Kardashian fans have slammed Kim’s new Valentine’s Day SKIMS collection as ‘cheap’ and ‘tacky’[/caption]


Kim’s younger sister Kendall Jenner shared a photo of some pink, red and white briefs and a sexy all-in-one[/caption]

Her younger sibling Kendall Jenner decided to show off some of the new lingerie on her Instagram Story and claimed she was “ready for vday”.

In the photo, various skimpy garments can be seen including high-waist style briefs in shades of pink, red, and white with random slogans emblazoned on the front.

There was also a pale pink lacy thong with a matching bralette and a very sexy all-in-one body suit that featured cut-out detailing at the front.

Kim’s sister Khloé also shared a snap of the same items on her own Instagram Story and captioned it: “cutest overload,” alongside a pink heart emoji.

However, although Kim’s siblings were impressed with the garments, a lot of her fans were not.

Posting a picture on Reddit, one person asked: “Will Kenny have a new boo by vday?”

Ignoring the question about Kendall’s love life, someone commented: “These look like they’re from a dollar bin of underwear at the mall.”

Another person wrote: “These look exactly like the dollar bin thongs me and my friends used to get at Rue21 in the mall in middle school.”

“This stuff is boring and looks reused,” someone else claimed, while a fourth person added: “These granny panties look like they came straight from Wal-Mart!”

A different Reddit user commented: “Late Night Snack is SUCH a trashy thing to print on panties. Those string sides would look ok, let alone flattering, on very few women. It would have been cuter to print lines from those little heart candies on them I reckon.”

Referring to one of the slogans and singer Mariah Carey, another person claimed: “Mariah will sue for sweet sweet fantasy.”

The comments come after Kim gave fans a rare glimpse inside her SKIMS office.

Mom-of-four Kim showed off her signature grey workplace decor after a grueling four-hour meeting.

Posting to her Instagram Stories on Wednesday, Kim took fans inside Skims HQ.

She shared a photo with dozens of fabrics sample on her grey marble desk.

The entrepreneur was spending the afternoon browsing through the fabrics which were neatly organized in a divider.

Meanwhile, documents of color samples also sat on the desk.

Kim added some text to share more about her working life with the shapewear brand.

“Four hour Skims meeting,” she wrote.

“I don’t show my Skims process often. I have color, fit, fabrication, and style meetings weekly.”

Kim previously gave fans a much more in-depth tour of the office during the season one premiere of The Kardashians.

Instagram/ Khloe Kardashian

Khloé Kardashian also shared a snap of the new collection which includes briefs with random slogans printed on them[/caption]


Mom-of-four Kim usually likes to model the new SKIMS products herself[/caption]


Kim delighted fans by using The White Lotus stars Simona Tabasco and Beatrice Grannò as models for her new Valentine’s Day collection[/caption]

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