TROY Meyer may be currently finding success on Jeopardy!, but sweetly enough, it’s where he also found love.

The ongoing champion’s wife was a contestant in 2009 and they anonymously met online when she was practicing to compete.

Troy Meyer is Jeopardy!’s ongoing champion and could be the next big winner

He met his wife on a Jeopardy! practice website as strangers[/caption]

Troy, a music executive from Tampa, Florida, has won two games, $68K and perhaps counting after arriving last week.

With two runaway games – meaning he had huge margins going into Final Jeopardy – many fans are buzzing about him and think he could be the next big champ.

What he hasn’t shared on stage is that he met his wife in the winningest of ways; through a Jeopardy! website.

Genevieve Sheehan discovered she was going to compete in 2009 and though she lost, went on to win $165K on The Chase.

She practiced by playing against fans on the internet, and her first game was coincidentally against her now-husband.


Genevieve told Tampa Bay 10: “I certainly didn’t think that I would find my husband through Jeopardy!”

“I was initially intrigued by how good she was,” Troy said when they first faced off as strangers – she beat him.

They began exchanging messages, and Genevieve was seeing someone at the time; “neither of us was looking for anything,” – Troy had also just come out of a breakup.

She told the New York Times in their 2010 wedding announcement: “We started talking about the type of art we liked, our daily routines.”

Troy said: “It felt weird, the whole Internet aspect to this. And she was in a relationship.”

“I talked to friends, and they thought I was absolutely nuts.”

They kept in touch as she prepped, but Troy didn’t know what she looked like until her episode aired.

Troy told the New York Times: “I thought she was 55 years old.”

“It’s sort of the strangest way to like see someone in person for the first time,” Troy joked to Tampa Bay 10.

They finally met up in person after she competed – he saw her game and thought she was beautiful: “Within the first 24 hours we just wanted to be together,” Genieve told NYT.

Instantly she said: “We were really part of each other’s lives.”

They now share a son, 10, and at the wedding, the bride’s father summed up their love in a winning way.

“Did we care that she lost on the show? No, because in reality she had won, as she had won her husband,” per NYT.


Before they met, Troy had spent time as a bassist in a rock band, and suffered a heart ailment in 2008 that is now “under control with medication” per The New York Times.

On stage, host Ken Jennings, 48, revealed that Troy’s emotional first win saw him looking up above near tears for the sweetest reason.

Troy’s mother Cheryl passed away last year and they “shared a big love” of watching Jeopardy! together.

“It was emotional up there without her being there,” Troy told Tampa Bay 10. She raised him as a single mother.

The pair regularly entered trivia competitions together once they met and before Troy’s own stint began.

She’s been in the audience for his games: “I was so excited for him,” she told the local outlet. “I wanted to be his rock and his cheering squad.”


Troy’s wife Genevieve competed in 2009 and they met online as strangers when she was practicing[/caption]

Troy had never seen Genevieve until she appeared on the show and joked he thought ‘she was 55’ beforehand

Ken Jennings is hosting his ongoing streak with the sweetest backstory[/caption]

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