WITH the cost-of-living crisis affecting households up and down the country, people are trying to save money wherever they can.

Cheaper than ovens to run, it’s little surprise that Air Fryers are having a moment.


A cleaning whizz has revealed the bargain product she swears by that helps to get a greasy Air Fryer clean. Pictured, stock image[/caption]

Facebook/Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK

Liz Bradley advised using Bicarbonate of Soda (pictured)[/caption]

But anyone who is a fan of the handy kitchen appliance will know that while it helps to make a quick and easy meal, the cleaning process is not quite as straightforward.

Well, according to one savvy cleaning whizz, it actually is – you may have just been using the wrong product.

Liz Bradley took to Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK and shared a snap of the 99p cleaning product she swears by – Bicarbonate of soda.

Alongside the image, she penned: “A game changer for me if you’ve got an Air Fryer and you can’t get the grease off the basket.

“Put some over basket and add boiling water and leave to steep, then it wipes straight off.

“I was really amazed.”

The post has since received nearly 900 likes and been inundated with over 350 comments.

“What a good tip thanks,” praised one.

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A second enthused: “I love the way that the old-fashioned cleaning products that I grew up with and have always used are making a come back with younger people.

“Bicarb, washing soda, white vinegar… just need to add a bar of Sunlight soap, scouring powder and a blue bag and you’ve got my mum’s 1960s cleaning cupboard!”

A third penned: “I use this to clean everything, it’s amazing.”

Meanwhile, a fourth commended: “Thank you for the great tip.”

Another noted: “I use this so much for cleaning.”

And a further added: “Brilliant stuff.”

Elsewhere, others took the opportunity to share the other successful cleaning methods they swear by.

“Try soda crystals – they are amazing,” recommended one.

A second advised: “Immediately i remove the food when its still warm…I clean with a heavy duty kitchen towel….Very little washing needed after that.”

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