A YALLTERNATIVE cowgirl has become fed up with people referring to her as a ‘buckle bunny’ and discrediting her lifestyle because of her appearance.

TikTok user Amelia Moose (@minimoose18) doesn’t conform to the typical country-girl look and has no plans to.


@minimoose18 is an emo country girl that refers to herself as ‘yallternative’[/caption]


Amelia called out followers who said unkind things about her appearance[/caption]


Amelia doesn’t plan on switching up her look[/caption]

Amelia’s emo style – complete with black winged eyeliner, black lipstick, and black accessories – have thrown some people for a loop.

Her dedication to authentic farming life has been put into question as a result.

In a recent video, Amelia addresses the comments in which people refer to her as a buckle bunny and pick apart other aspects of her unique fashion choices.

The term buckle bunny is typically used to describe women who pursue successful rodeo cowboys.

The caption under the video reads: “Loading your a buckle bunny comments lol,” with the hashtags #yallternative #country #western #countrytiktok #countrygirl #fyp

Amelia starts the video by posing as a follower in a mock conversation with herself.

“You’re a buckle bunny,” she states.

“Um, I’ve been showing livestock since I was a kid and now I raise livestock to sell,”

“I don’t necessarily see how that makes me a buckle bunny since buckle bunnies are city girls who dress like fake cowgirls to get men and I don’t really do that.”

She continues the conversation by mimicking those who don’t believe someone could be emo and country.

“Is it the black? I think I look pretty good. Also, it’s called yallternative. Um, and I’m pretty sure the emos wouldn’t want me,” she sarcastically replies.

An explanation for why she doesn’t own a pair of square-toe boots comes next.

Amelia says she has had the same pointed cowboy boots since middle school because she hasn’t grown since then.

“Also, If I went out and bought a pair of square toe just because ‘real’ cowgirls wear square toe, I’m pretty sure that would make me a try-hard,” she said.

“Because that’s not who I am and I’m doing it just for validation.”

The yallternative cowgirl ends the video by reminding viewers that country is a lifestyle regardless of skewed perceptions.

“To put down other people who live the lifestyle, I feel like that’s wrong,”

“And real country people would not do that.”

Followers commended Amelia for her subtle clap back.

One follower commented: “Babe don’t listen to anyone-black and turquoise is my GO TO.”

“As an elder emo we will accept you and love you and beat up the bullies,” an ally wrote.

Another supporter said: “Ignore the haters. Be you and live authentically!”

Amelia isn’t the first cowgirl to address shady comments about her appearance.

Georgia Vanzant—a cowgirl who posts about western fashion on TikTok, called out trolls who said she was a ‘buckle bunny’.

Similarly, Taylor Rousseau claimed she has also heard the term but has chosen to embrace it.

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