A POPULAR fitness influencer has shared a few of her favorite outfits to wear on the tennis or pickleball court.

Brooke Menard (@brookemenard), who calls herself “your favorite coach” on TikTok, showed off a variety of affordable and trendy athletic pieces from Amazon.


Popular ‘gymfluecer’ Brooke Menard posted her favorite athletic clothes from Amazon[/caption]


She shared with her followers a two-piece ribbed workout set in blue[/caption]


The tennis-enthusiast describes herself as ‘your favorite coach’ on TikTok[/caption]

Menard flaunted her toned physique in the first clip of her video as she posed on a sunny tennis court.

“Pickleball girlies I gotchu cute court fits,” the influencer wrote in the caption.

The active wear haul featured an assortment of items, from high-waisted athletic shorts to a two-piece ribbed set and a staple pleated white tennis skirt.

The $28.99 Aurolo backless workout sports bra received rave reviews on Amazon.

“Love the fit of the bra, and how it makes my back look!” one person wrote.

Another fan-favorite was the $29.99-$31.99 Heathyoga tennis dress, which comes with a pair of shorts built-in.

“I love the separate shorts so I can wear the dress to other events and still be able to go to the bathroom,” a shopper commented in the reviews section.

Between the elastic waist bands and soft cotton material, Menard’s selections are set to be just as comfortable as they are stylish.

She also showed off a marvelous Lululemon zip-up jacket dupe from Queenieke. The $41 Amazon item boasts a similar slim fit for a much lower price.

All of the clothing items come in a variety of sizes and colors.

For those who are looking to get started in the sport, Menard also included a snap of Amazin’ Ace’s Pickleball paddles set.

The popular athlete’s clothing picks come just in time for the upcoming spring court season.


Sage green strapless workout bra[/caption]


Pickleball paddles set[/caption]


Sleeveless black workout tank top[/caption]


High-waisted athletic shorts in coffee[/caption]


Slim-fitting workout jacket in blue[/caption]


Tennis dress with shorts underneath[/caption]


Pleated white tennis skirt[/caption]

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