A MAKEUP artist who says her height always impacted her dating life has revealed she’d consider seeing someone shorter if they’re the right match.

Carol, 45, from Glasgow, admits the relationship of Hollywood A-Listers Tom Holland and Zendaya together made her rethink her position on the issue.

Carol has learned to love her height
She said she would consider a ‘short king’
She’s happily single but more open to meeting someone

The beauty expert, who has been single for over three years, is six feet tall and likes wearing heels which add another couple of inches.

But the model,  represented by All Talent Agency, refuses to minimise herself for any fellas who feel intimidated by her stature.

Carol says: “I’ve met some other taller women out there but anyone over 5 ft 9  here is regarded as a giant.

“I remember years ago going out in Glasgow and even to this day I always get approached by the smallest man in the room.

“I used to grow up thinking I’d need a man at least my height or taller but I’d say my viewpoint is shifting.

“I read Zendaya talking about Tom Holland. She said her mum was always taller than her dad so it wasn’t an issue.

“But here there is definitely some heightism. I’ve had it myself, I’ve not entertained some guys who are smaller.

“My requirements are much different now than when I was younger.

“I’ve had three or four long term relationships and two of them were just slightly shorter than me.

“I don’t think I could go any lower than 5 ft 10 and that would be pushing it.

“You’re not going to have to bend down when you have to kiss someone, I don’t need any back issues.”

Carol, who says her ideal man would be Superman actor Henry Cavill, is proud of her height after growing up feeling self-conscious.

She’s managed to embrace her figure and now loves how she looks.

She adds: “When I was younger, because everybody used to call me ‘Big Carol’, that did have an effect on me psychologically growing up because I constantly thought of myself as big, as in fat.

“Although I was quite slim and athletic I’d think I was out of place.

“I’ve had men make misogynistic digs about it, just roundabout digs about being tall and you get the vibe off them that they’re threatened.

“It’s some kind of weird psychological thing I’ve experienced my whole life, what attracts them to you is what they resent you for because they don’t possess that.

“I still wear heels, I won’t minimise myself in any way, I stand tall and I’m proud of my height.”

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