A SELF-DESCRIBED “cute mum” has surpassed societal expectations by showing off her sense of style.

The 38-year-old mother is consistently told to “dress her age,” but she doesn’t care, especially when her outfits rival those younger than her.

TikTok creator Beth is a stylish mom who is constantly told to ‘dress her age’

The 38-year-old says she dresses better than women younger than her[/caption]

Content creator Beth Bartram (@beth_bartram) is 38 years old and thriving.

The lifestyle influencer is known to post many videos dedicated to her chic style and relatable moments in her life.

The 80s baby enjoys staying up to date on the latest fashion trends and displaying them online.

In a video, she subtly calls out people who tell her to “dress her age.”

At the start of the video, Bartram was walking down a cobblestone path as she looked around her.

She wore a casual outfit that consisted of a black beanie, a navy blue hoodie, black leggings, a long gray overcoat, white ankle socks, and tan slippers.

The brunette beauty completed the look with sunglasses and a leather black shoulder bag.

The subtitle over the visual mentioned: “When you’re just a young girlie born in 84, trying to look stylish, dress well, feel like a cute mum.”

Using the background audio, she told people who tell her to dress her age at 38 that they “do not have to worry” about her.

Many viewers resonated with her thoughts and offered their support in the comment section.

“Sorry, no. I will absolutely be dressing like the cool, young thing I am despite being 40 next year! Fashion, if done well, is ageless!!” a fan commented.

“I think people age themselves when they “dress their age” that mindset is what’s ancient!” an admirer shared.

“What does ‘dress your age’ even mean? Why do we have dress codes for ages other than children lol,” another added.

She shared reasons why she won’t stop dressing her way in a TikTok video

Bartram will continue to show off her cute looks online[/caption]

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