A COUNTRY girl with a tendency to get rowdy shared a video where she labels herself an eight out of ten.

She gave viewers a glimpse at both her personality and what she wears to work which has them rating her even higher.

Country girl Hayley says she’s a solid 8/10 for looks but some rate her higher

Digital creator Hayley (@hayley.a_15) is a Queensland, Australia native that is a certified country girl.

As shown by her profile, when she’s not working on the farm, she is probably fishing, camping, or hunting.

In a TikTok video, she stated her personal rating of herself as an eight out of ten.

She also dropped in a bit of toxic humor and let viewers know a random fact about her.

The video began with the content creator standing in front of the camera with a car parked behind her.

She wore her work clothing, which consisted of a tan button-down with small pattern details, stylish bootcut jeans, a brown belt with a large silver belt, and a tan cowboy hat.

Hayley also held a lasso in her hands which further emphasized that she was hard at work.

In the subtitle over the visual, she mentioned: “She’s a solid 8 but knows why you should only slash 3 out of 4 tires and to make one the spare.”

Her personal anecdote connected with a few people who praised the TikTok user online.

“You’re not an 8, you’re a 10,” one viewer commented.

“You’re so pretty,” another added.

The content creator gave viewers a glimpse at her spicy personality in a video

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